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Rice and Arsenic Toxicity: A Case Study

I recently reviewed the hair analysis results of a 21-year-old college student, who I’ll call Joe. Joe’s main health concerns were stomach problems, allergies, brain fog, and headaches. He also reported having sinus congestion, fatigue, eczema, confusion, irritability, depression, OCD, diarrhea, and bloating. Joe reached out to do a hair analysis because he was having

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2. What Can Your Hair Analysis Reveal? (Toxic Metals)

How many times have you heard your doctor say the words “toxic metals?” Most likely, “zero.” Yet, toxic metals are a leading cause of illness, aging, and genetic defects. Many diseases are simply heavy metal toxicity. This article introduces toxic metals and their importance in human health. What Are Toxic Metals? Toxic metals are a

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1. What Can Your Hair Analysis Reveal? (Introduction)

Hair mineral analysis is one of the most interesting and useful tests available. Yet, it is absent from most doctor’s offices. In this series, I will introduce hair analysis and explain what it can tell you about your health. If you are struggling with chronic fatigue, low energy, or other unexplained health problems, then you’ll

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anti aging and life extension

Anti-aging and Life Extension

Recently, an older gentleman tried to convince me that when I reach his age (57), I’m going to have health problems like he has. He said that as you get older, your body just stops working well. Of course, this is nonsense. Not everyone his age has health problems. Getting older and aging are two

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Why We Get Sick

My neighbor Mike stopped by recently to vent about coronavirus lockdowns. I noticed he hadn’t been driving his Jeep Cherokee lately, so I asked him what happened? He told me that he blew a head gasket in his engine, and he’s working on getting it fixed. What happened was Mike was running low on coolant,

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How I Became Interested in Health and Wellness

“Many people lead bad lives that would gladly lead good ones, but know not how to make the change.” – Benjamin Franklin I wasn’t always health-conscious. In fact, when I look back at my life, it seems as if I was doing everything I could to destroy my health. I had a lot of degenerative

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supplements chronic fatigue

7 Essential Supplements to Resolve Chronic Fatigue and Low Energy

What vitamins and supplements are needed to overcome chronic fatigue? If you have consistently low energy levels, you may be lacking vital nutrients that are needed for cellular energy production. Nutritional supplements can help replenish these nutrients faster than would be possible with diet alone. Supplements can also be used to remove toxins, enhance your

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