Initial Test Package

From testing to support, this package gives you everything you need to start a personalized nutritional balancing and development program under the supervision of Brian Brezinski and Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

How it Works

Through the proper interpretation of your hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), we’ll design a nutrition program for your unique biochemical needs. This is combined with other natural healing modalities based on your individual needs.

The four main parts of a nutritional balancing and development program are:

  • a specific mineral-rich diet adjusted for your current metabolism (slow, fast, or mixed oxidation).
  • about 8 carefully targeted nutritional supplements to supply hard to find nutrients and rebalance body chemistry.
  • 5 supportive healing and detoxification procedures you can do at home.
  • a low-stress, wholesome and disciplined lifestyle with modifications such as more rest and sleep, light exercise, and taking full responsibility for your health.

Here's What You'll Get

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Test for 20 Minerals and Toxic Metals

You’ll get accurate readings for the levels and ratios of 20 minerals and toxic metals in your hair—presented in a chart that graphically illustrates your results.  Your results provide the roadmap that guides the rebalancing of your body chemistry.

Hassle-Free Coordination of Your Hair Collection Kit

A hair collection kit will be shipped directly to your home with instructions for taking your hair sample.  It will include a pre-addressed envelope with postage that you’ll use to mail your hair sample to Analytical Research Labs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Laboratory Interpretation and Health Report Booklet

You will get a detailed explanation of your test results in a 15-20 page lab report including a toxic metal assessment, stress analysis, and insights into your metabolic type, dietary issues, energy level, immune system, adrenal and thyroid function, autonomic nervous system balance, and trends for over 50 common health conditions.  The report is comprehensive and easy to read—you don’t need a PhD to understand your results.

Complete Program Instructions

We’ll set up a comprehensive health program that’s customized for you based on your hair mineral analysis results and health history. Your program will include:

  • Specific dietary guidelines for your metabolic type, including drinking water recommendations.
  • About 8-10 carefully targeted nutritional supplements designed to balance and strengthen your body chemistry.
  • Lifestyle needs for rest, sleep, exercise, stress reduction, mental training and more.
  • Instructions for home-based detoxification and other healing procedures.
  • All of this in a PDF report so you have a clear record of your entire program recommendations.
50-Minute Phone or Video Consultation to Set Up Your Program

I’ll spend about an hour helping you understand your test results and program. We’ll discuss your specific needs and I’ll answer any of your questions.

Health Resources

I’ll provide you with any relevant resources, recommended reading, worksheets and links related to your hair mineral test results to help you understand your individual needs.

Start today for only $249

When you join my practice, you'll also receive:

All-Inclusive Email and Phone Support (6 Months)

You are welcome to call or email me if you have questions or run into any trouble.  The first 15 minutes of all communications are free of charge.  This way you can avoid the problems and pitfalls of trying to heal on your own.

 *All-inclusive support applies only if you are following the program that we set up for you.

15% Discount on Endomet Brand Supplements

Endomet designs nutrient formulas to correct specific hair analysis patterns. You’ll save up to $500 per year on supplement costs when you order your supplements directly from Endomet Labs.  As our client, the lab will credit you with a 15% discount on every order.

Low Retest Pricing

We make it affordable to continue your program after you’ve started. In addition to discounts on supplements, future testing is $170 for adults and $150 for children.

More Information

Are there any additional costs?

Following a complete nutritional balancing and development program involves taking a handful of nutritional supplements 2-3x daily.  Upon receiving your program recommendations, you’ll be instructed to purchase supplements directly from Endomet Laboratories—the only company that produces the formulas we need.

Supplement costs range from $100-$250 per month.  There is absolutely no obligation to purchase supplements.  You’ll make an informed decision after you review your program and speak with me.  

How do I begin?

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  3. You will be taken through the checkout process.

What to Expect After You Place Your Order

  • TODAY: Your hair collection kit is on the way.
  • 1-2 WEEKS:  Your results are processed at the lab.
  • 2-3 WEEKS:  You’ll receive your test results and program via email and post. 
  • 3 WEEKS:  We’ll discuss your test results and program during a 50-minute consultation.
  • THE NEXT 4 MONTHS: Follow the program that we set up for you.
  • 4-6 MONTHS: You’re due for a retest.