Nutritional Balancing Program Setup


This package is for clients who have received their HTMA test results and would like to start a nutritional balancing program.

Your Purchase Includes:

  • Complete Program Recommendations, Including Diet and Supplement Recommendations based on your HTMA test results.
  • 50-Minute Consultation to Review Your Program Instructions
  • 30-Minute Follow Up Consultation
  • 6-Months of Support
  • Turnaround time for your program instructions is within 36 hours

*To order this service, your HTMA test date must be within two months of purchase date.

Refund policy. Within 30 days of purchase, you may request a refund if the hair sample was not submitted to the lab. A $20 admin fee will be deducted from all refunds. No refunds will be issued once your hair sample has been sent to the lab or 30 days after the purchase date.

What is Nutritional Balancing?

Nutritional balancing is a newer healing system that helps to gently detoxify and restore the body and mind to their full potential. In many cases, a properly designed nutritional balancing program causes healing at a very deep level by delicately balancing the body chemistry and increasing the body’s adaptive energy level. As this occurs, many health problems go away on their own—often within weeks to months. Several years may be needed in more chronic cases.

It is a process of building health and promoting the development of the human body and brain, rather than suppressing symptoms of disease. In this way, the program goes far beyond removing symptoms and will radically improve your ability to think clearly, generate energy, fight infections, handle stress, and overcome stubborn ailments. It’s about building a strong resistance to disease and preventing future health problems.

History of Nutritional Balancing Science

Dr. Paul C. Eck established the principles of nutritional balancing over 45 years ago. Dr. Lawrence Wilson and others have continued the research and development of this science. Decades of clinical application has shown that nutritional balancing is a safe, reliable, and cost-effective way to protect and restore health by activating the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

What’s Involved?

Following a nutritional balancing program requires some discipline, commitment, and a willingness to change your preferences. It is only for those who are serious about improving their health.  Below are the basic requirements for following a complete nutritional balancing program:

  1. Diet. Eating a simple diet of mainly cooked vegetables, some animal protein daily, a little whole grain, and some raw dairy products if you tolerate them. The diet excludes all fruit, all sugar, all wheat and spelt, and all soy products. It also excludes most raw food, most juices, and all refined or “junk” food.
  2. Drinking two to three liters, or three quarts, of spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water daily.
  3. Following a healthful lifestyle. The program requires plenty of rest and sleep, gentle exercise only, avoiding toxic exposure, sexual restraint, and other stress reduction techniques.
  4. Taking about eight nutritional supplements at least twice each day, or preferably three times daily. These are essential to balance the oxidation (metabolic) rate, remineralize the body, support detoxification, and for other reasons. The average cost is $150-200 month.
  5. If possible, doing the detoxification procedures daily.  These are about five stress reduction/detoxification procedures that you can do at home.
  6. All this must be done according to our specific written instructions and explanatory information.
  7. Avoid  combining the program with other dietary, vitamin, mineral, herbal, or homeopathic programs. This will often ruin the program.
  8. Prescription medical drugs can be combined with the program if they are needed.  Many can be discontinued after a few weeks or months on a nutritional balancing program.
  9. Staying in touch to report problems, progress, etc..
  10. Willing to go through healing reactions. These are symptoms that arise during the healing process due to removal of toxic metals and chemicals, shifts in body chemistry, and for other reasons. One must be aware of this possibility so as to not be discouraged from continuing the program.

Nutritional Balancing Program Setup Includes:

Program Instructions Document

I’ll design a nutritional balancing program that’s customized for you based on your hair mineral analysis results and health history. Your program will include:

  • Specific dietary guidelines for your metabolic type, including drinking water recommendations.
  • A few carefully targeted nutritional supplements, designed to balance and strengthen your body chemistry.
  • Lifestyle recommendations for rest, sleep, exercise, stress reduction, mental training, and more.
  • Instructions for home-based detoxification and healing procedures.
  • All of this in a PDF report so you have a clear record of your program recommendations.
50-60 Minute Consultation to Review Your Program Recommendations

We’ll spend about an hour discussing your program. We’ll discuss your specific needs, and I’ll answer any of your questions. You’ll choose between a phone or Zoom consultation.

10% off Endomet Brand Supplements + Free Shipping

Endomet designs nutritional formulas to correct specific hair analysis patterns. You’ll save up to $500 per year on supplement costs when you order supplements directly from Endomet Labs. As my client, the lab will credit you with a 10% discount on every order.

Phone and Email Support (6 Months)

I am here to support you and answer questions if you are following the recommended supplement program. The first 15 minutes of all communications are free of charge. This way you can avoid the problems and pitfalls of trying to figure out everything on your own.

*Email and phone support applies only if you are ordering supplements from Endomet Labs and following the recommended program.

30-Minute Follow Up Consultation

After you have started your program, you’ll likely have many more questions. You’ll be able to book a follow up consultation at any time during the first two months to ask questions, talk about your program and your progress, or for general support. During this consultation, I will make adjustments to your diet and supplement program, as needed, to keep you moving forward.

The Nutritional Balancing Program Set Up Process

  1. Order Nutritional Balancing Program Setup by clicking the add to cart button above.
  2. Complete the online intake form and sign the Private Membership Agreement. This agreement protects our right to freedom of choice regarding health care decisions and alternative therapies. These forms will be emailed to you after you place your order.
  3. Receive your program within 36 hours.
  4. Book a consultation to discuss your program!

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