Retesting for Existing Clients

Periodic hair testing helps keep you on the path to health and wellness. Track changes in your body chemistry, monitor your progress, and receive program updates and continued guidance—all at low cost.

Why is regular retesting needed?

Retesting your mineral levels and updating your program every 4-6 months or sooner is critical to keep your nutrition program appropriate for you as your body chemistry changes. A retest will show what changes are needed in the diet, lifestyle, and supplement program.

Benefits of regular retesting:

  • Ensure that the program is improving your health, rather than having little positive effect.
  • Maintain a high vitality level by keeping your minerals in balance.
  • Address new stress factors in your life by adjusting your program accordingly.
  • Gain insights about puzzling physical, mental, or emotional symptoms that are due to temporary changes in your body chemistry.
  • Avoid wasting money on supplements that are inappropriate for your body chemistry.

What does each retest include?

Hair Mineral Analysis by Analytical Research Labs
I’ll send you a hair collection kit that you’ll use to submit a new hair sample. Your new test results will give us an updated biochemical picture.

Chart of Your New Test Results
Your chart will include current and previous measurements for each mineral and toxic metal.

Updated Diet and Supplement Program
Adjustments to your dietary and supplement programs are often needed to accompany changes in your body chemistry.

Retest Report and Choice Between Audio Recording or 20 Minute Consultation
You’ll receive a PDF report with a brief test review and program recommendations. I can record an audio file to review your test results and answer questions from your retest form. Or, we can do a 20 minute consultation—your choice.

6 Months Program Support
This includes short emails to ask questions about your program. This also includes use of the Program Support Service if you are not feeling well in between hair tests.

How to order a retest

Click the “select options” button below to choose between an adult or child retest. You’ll be taken through the checkout process.


How often is a retest needed?
We recommend doing a retest four months after your first hair analysis. After that, testing can be done every six months, unless we indicate otherwise. If you wish to monitor your situation closer, you can do a hair analysis every 2-3 months.

How do I take a hair sample for a retest?
The hair sampling procedure for a retest is the same as the procedure for the first test. That is, you will sample the most recent hair growth—hair that’s closest to the scalp. Women with longer hair may want to find the initial sampling spots and simply cut the new growth.

A Retest Case Study of an Autistic Boy

Jimmy suffered terribly from autism. He had been doing extremely well on a nutritional balancing program for several years, with slow and steady progress. Just when his behavior was almost completely normal, he regressed and reverted to earlier symptoms of withdrawal and hyperirritability. His parents, who had spent several years following the nutritional balancing program, were very disappointed and decided to quit the program. Jimmy’s doctor was also upset, but knew from experience and from Jimmy’s earlier retest mineral analyses how well the boy was really doing on the inside. She believed this latest flare-up was likely a retracing, and not really a setback. She accepted the parents’ decision, but asked them to send her one more hair sample to see what might have occurred.

The parents agreed. The retest showed a manganese level of 2.40 mg%, or about 60 times the ideal. The level was so high it was repeated and confirmed. Such a high level of manganese is shocking, and associated with psychosis in adults. It indicated either a massive elimination of manganese, or the boy had suffered an extremely toxic manganese exposure. The latter had not occurred. The doctor told Jimmy’s parents of the manganese elimination and how to handle it, mainly by ignoring the behavior and keeping Jimmy’s body chemistry balanced with a light program until it passes. The extreme irritability and other odd behavior subsided after two weeks or so. Jimmy has remained well ever since with no further autistic symptoms. The retest was critical in this case to assess deep changes in the body chemistry and to know how to proceed to save a child.

– From Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis, 2016, by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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