Testimonials and Emails from Clients

Falling asleep without help

I have tried so much stuff to sleep. I have taken valerian root, melatonin, Benadryl, other over the counter sleep aids, magnesium, even a c-pap machine and THC gummies. They all made me feel worse. 

When I did the hair analysis and received your report, I started making changes that were recommended. I noticed about a week into the first few supplements and starting the dietary changes that I was sleeping consistently every night without help. Falling into a good quality sleep and staying there. Waking up by myself without the alarm clock and feeling refreshed. This alone was worth every penny.

I really do appreciate the changes so far. And I am just getting started.”

10lbs down in 4 weeks

“Hey Brian!

I am doing good. I’ve been consistent with the diet, aside for some cheat meals. I am also taking a green tea caffeine pill in the morning to help with energy. Eventually I’ll stop this, but I homeschool my kids and need the boost.

I’ve lost about 10lbs (started at 148 lbs at 5’3). And my joints aren’t as sore as they used to be. I know this is just the start of the healing process, but so far so good!”

Megan, age 35

More energy and calmer

Even though I have only been on my nutritional balancing program for less than a month, I have seen a difference in my energy levels. I am calmer, less reactive, and overall a kinder human being. Every day is a new opportunity to get to know my body a little more. If I am feeling slightly more tired one day, I rest and don’t question it.  To me, that is progress considering how fast paced my life used to be.

—SG, Virginia

Finally have direction and some answers

This absolutely blows my mind. It all makes so much sense though, especially with my thyroid issues. I thoroughly read through the instructions and have made a game plan to follow the protocols. I will get on the groove of it this week and will order the supplements when the recommendations are ready!

I’m so so excited to finally have direction and some answers. I have had times where I felt like I was dying. I shouldn’t feel this way when I am active, eat mostly organic, etc. but it’s because my body is still so full of toxins.

—Karla, age 31

Healing menstrual difficulties

A bright spot, or miracle rather: my most recent period was the first of my life not accompanied by cramps, bloating, or moodiness. I am very grateful for that!

LB, Kansas

Sinus issues gone, and more

My sinus issues are gone! I’ve gained healthy muscle weight and can go longer without eating. I’m sleeping better, sleeping straight through the night. My skin looks better and my brown spots are mostly gone. My mood is better, happier, less angry or resentful, more open to love and affection. My dry skin is better. Bloating is gone. Feeling blessed and happy.

PS, Maryland

Sleeping well

I’ve noticed a shift the past few days. Prior to this past Saturday I was experiencing insomnia, wired & tired, very active mind, and low appetite. Since Saturday I’ve felt more tired and slept most of the weekend. My mind is calm and appetite has greatly increased. I’m happy to be sleeping so well. I’ve still been alert at work past couple days except for wanting to nap after lunch.

– Jennifer, North Carolina

More calm and peaceful

Brian, Diane, Doc,

Here’s a text from a friend of mine…

I’ve been meaning to tell you that your energy has been a very calm peaceful energy the last two times I’ve seen you when it was just the two of us together. Whatever you’re doing now with your diet and other life changes really seems to be working for you, Suzanne. I’m happy for you😘

Thank you all for your support on this program. From my own perspective I notice more of a calm and peace. The anxiety still comes and goes but I am generally more calm and more peaceful than I used to be. I even notice it during the times when my husband gets upset. I used to get upset as a result. Now I notice that I am able to be more calm during his ‘fit storm’!

Many thanks!

– Suzanne, Virginia

Gut healing

In the past few weeks, I have turned a corner with my gut imbalance, and my ability to tolerate certain foods (wheat, sugar) has significantly increased. The severe urogenital pain I have had upon eating foods with these ingredients since 2009 has virtually disappeared. My blood is now a deep, rich color as opposed to being a weak, bright color as it was in 2015 around the time my hair started thinning and breaking off.

– Angela, Marlyand

Brian is a great practitioner to work with.  He is professional but down to earth, extremely dedicated, and very  knowledgeable.  He insists on teaching the principles behind the program and can help you fit the program’s requirements into a busy schedule.  I highly recommend Brian as a practitioner. 

– RF, New Jersey


“From doing the program I can totally see how I have neglected taking care of me all these years.”

– Dorothy, New York

Wow thanks Brian, and thanks to Dr Wilson. So much of the report resonates with me,  it’s extremely accurate to my symptoms and general feeling.  

I’m excited to get going on this journey,  I’ll order the supplements and begin on the diet. 

– NW, Australia

Grave's disease gone

I am good, off thyroid meds for 5 months now. A lab result about 6 weeks ago showed T3 and T4 in upper normal range, but TSH was low indicating that there could be still some stimulation by the immune system. My endocrinologist stated that whatever I’m doing I should continue with it. 🙂

Update 7/2022: Two subsequent blood tests revealed normal level of thyroid hormones including TSH. It appears that my Grave’s disease is resolved. I feel good! Just need to lose some weight.

– Thomas, Virginia

Feeling optimistic

For some reason, I’m finding it hard to get in 8-9 hours of sleep after work.  This might sound cheesy, but I feel so excited about life in general, so optimistic about the things I might learn, or contemplate, or do in life.  All this AFTER working a strenuous ten hour shift with 5 hours of sleep.  This is a pretty consistent pattern, too. Only a few weeks ago, I used to be limp as a fish after work was over.

-Sam, North Dakota

No more insomnia or hypoglycemia

Brian – I’ve been taking the supplements two times a day now. I haven’t worked up to three times a day yet nor have I completely switched over to the diet, but I’m getting there in baby steps. I have been very pleased with the physiological changes thus far: both my hypoglycemia and insomnia have stopped. I’m able to fall asleep and stay asleep all night without taking any sedatives.

– BT, Virginia

Rapid physical and mental development

At first, she was constantly saying “I’m tired”, but no longer complaining of fatigue. Huge increase in physical/mental development past few months. Appears to be growing quickly, has gained weight, better emotional control. Teachers at preschool have commented on how quickly she learns new things.

– GT, age 3

"My stomach isn’t insanely bloated anymore!"

I’ve noticed a positive chance since I began the program! My stomach isn’t insanely bloated anymore! Even though I’m thin, my stomach always stuck out and made me look pregnant. It’s back to being flat again, at least most of the time. I’ve tried so much stuff in the past to help with my bloating, but nothing made a difference, so this is pretty big news for me.

– HS, Illinois

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