How much does hair mineral analysis (HTMA) cost?

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Brian Brezinski of Brezinski Nutrition discusses the costs involved in doing a HTMA.

Many people are learning that hair mineral analysis is a helpful test for assessing biochemical imbalances and determining a person’s nutritional needs. In this article, I’ll explain some of the costs involved in doing a hair analysis.

Commercial hair mineral analysis became available in the early 1970’s when advances in computer technology made it an affordable way to test minerals in the body.

HTMA Costs

Although HTMA is a relatively inexpensive laboratory test, the cost of doing a hair analysis can vary widely depending on doctor or practitioner consulting fees.

An experienced practitioner will interpret the test for you and set up a nutrition program based on your test results. Depending on their experience, knowledge of HTMA, and what’s included with the test, the cost of doing an HTMA can vary from about $200 to thousands of dollars.

It is possible to buy HTMA directly from some labs at lower prices, such as Doctor’s Data. However, Doctor’s Data and other labs that sell directly to consumers are not recommended for two reasons:

1) Improper Lab Procedure. ALL of the labs that sell directly to consumers wash the hair sample at the lab. This is fine if you’re only interested in testing for toxic metals, which are not affected by washing. However, washing the hair sample at the lab is a problem because it washes out much of the sodium and potassium in the hair.

Accurate sodium and potassium levels are needed for metabolic typing and to learn the sodium/potassium ratio. These are two critical measurements that are needed to determine your nutritional needs.

This is why it’s important to use either Analytical Research Labs (preferred) in Phoenix, Arizona, or Trace Elements Inc (TEI) in Dallas, Texas if you are seeking recommendations based on your test results. These are the only two labs that I know of that do not wash the hair sample.

2) Difficult to Interpret. The second reason for not buying directly from a hair analysis lab is that HTMA is a complex test to interpret, and it’s not as straight forward as looking for minerals that are high or low. There’s much more to understanding the test results.

So, when you order directly from a lab, it’s likely that you’ll be confused with the results and interested in seeking a practitioner’s help.

Low Cost HTMA (with the Proper Lab)

To help avoid these problems, I offer a low cost option for doing a hair analysis through my website (see HTMA Only).

This allows you to test your mineral levels, metabolic type, and a few toxic metals with minimal investment. Then, after you receive your test results, you can add extra services if you’re interested in working with me.

If you want to see exactly what hair analysis can tell you and how much it costs, visit Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for more information.

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